Homeopathic Treatment

What can you expect from homeopathy?

You can expect to be given the opportunity to give a detailed account about yourself and your condition (first consultations are one and a half hours or more).

You can expect me to listen to your words and to observe your actions (especially in the case of small children). This helps me to understand how your illness affects you at a deep level.

You can expect remedies that are chosen to treat you as an individual and that give you the best chance of promoting your well being.

You can expect to be heard! Being heard is uniquely empowering. When your age, condition or life stage make you particularly vulnerable, a safe open space in which to explore how your life is affected by your symptoms is like finding an oasis in the desert. The homeopathic consultation provides such a space.

Why do people consult a homeopath?

Often it is because they have tried everything else and found no long-term relief. Homeopathy can have startlingly quick results in some cases; in others, where there are persistent, long standing conditions, changes can take longer as we peel back the layers to expose all aspects of your condition.

Basically any set of symptoms you would go to a GP or other health practitioner for can be treated homeopathically. Homeopathy was developed by a medical doctor, Dr Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), who treated all patients in his general GP practice according to homeopathic principles.

A lot of people seek help from a homeopath because the medication they receive from the doctor has strong side effects or only alleviates the problem without solving the underlying problem. Other patients come to homeopathy because they don't want to take conventional medication or they feel that their doctor may not treat them because their feeling of unwellness is ‘all in the mind’.

For all these patients, homeopathy is a valuable and effective form of medicine. It can work to ‘fix’ problems as well as preventing them from occurring in the first place!

What does it cost?

Follow up appointments usually take place 4 to 6 weeks after the previous consultation, but this can vary in individual cases.

Private health insurance can contribute to the cost of homeopathic treatment.

Reduced fees are available on request for those on low incomes.

How long will it take to get better?

You could expect to book 2 to 3 treatments at monthly intervals for a specific acute health problem. Longer-term conditions may require more treatments.

Most patients experience an increase in energy and a sense of general well-being within a few days of taking the first remedy. Often there is a rapid change in physical symptoms too. However, in cases of long-standing illness it will need a few months and several consultations before a lasting improvement is achieved.

Many people make appointments for regular check-ups (maybe once a year) or when they feel that they have issues that need treatment again.

What happens during the consultation?

A homeopathic consultation is quite different to a visit to your GP and does not include a general medical examination.

The first consultation usually takes about one and a half hours. This time will be spent discussing your symptoms and medical history, as well as how your symptoms affect you as an individual.

Are there any side effects or will everything get worse first?

Homeopathic remedies are produced in a way that removes all harmful toxins. They therefore do not cause any harmful side effects.

Most people notice an increase of energy and a sense of well-being within a short time of taking a homeopathic remedy. In some cases, a patient may experience an initial worsening of their symptoms, also called aggravation or healing crisis. Most aggravations are due to the body removing toxins which had been stored for a long time. This might be slightly unpleasant at the time, however, it is a clear sign that the body is shifting that what should not be there!