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Back to School

September sees the return to routines after the long summer break. Return to school is a time of excitement for most – and worries for some. Starting school, changing school or even just changing classroom settings with new teachers can prove difficult for many youngsters. The stresses of long days and academic workload can lead to a lowered immune system, with coughs and colds starting to creep in.

Anxiety about starting or changing school is normal, but for some children the stress can be overwhelming. For those starting for the first time, they will have to become more independent, sit still for long periods, take instructions given to the whole class and cope with what can be the frightening hustle and bustle of the playground. Older kids moving into secondary school often feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the sheer size of their new school.

Kids who struggle can develop a whole range of problems. These can be physical, like for example tummy aches or headaches, or behavioural, ranging from clinginess, problems with sleeping, to nightmares and aggression.

The obvious first measures are always to ensure the child has sufficient emotional support and eats healthy food. Young children may well need more sleep during the initial months, so early bedtime routines could be helpful.

Homeopathic remedies can be used at home to help youngsters through the difficult transition period. In selecting a remedy, individual characteristics are taken into consideration. Here are just a few remedies and their situations which might be useful.

Argentum nitricum:
a child needing this remedy will be hurried, with lots of fears and anxieties, always asking “what if…” Physical symptoms include loud wind, twitching, diarrhoea and periodic weakness.

this child is restless, fears failure, worries about burglars and their health, won’t be left alone, likes to plan and tidies up after themselves. Physical symptoms include: diarrhoea from anxiety, with thirst, has trouble swallowing food, and burning pains.

this child will lack confidence and doesn’t like doing new things, but can be assertive and bossy at home. Physical symptoms include bloating, huge appetite, heartburn with sour burping and waking as if from a fright.

this child is nervous, sensitive and excitable and lacks confidence, with a fear of new things. They can be obstinate, with fixed ideas. Physical symptoms include cracked dry skin, cutting abdominal pain with rumbling and headache which extends to forehead and settles over one eye.

If these remedies do not have the desired effect then a visit to a qualified homeopath may well provide the opportunity for the child to move through their problems and to begin to enjoy school more fully.